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It’s great to hear you are looking to join us!

We need to ensure we have all your details captured into our system before we can invite you for an assessment session with us.

Whilst we no longer offer free trials, you can book for a 30 minute assessment session, where we can invite your child to join us and we can assess which of our clases they are in.

Booking Classes, Paying Memberships etc. #

Once we have done your assessment, we will advise what credits you will need to buy going forward. It is useful to check our handy guides for instructions on how to make the most out of the app.

After you have attended 3 sessions, you will need to pay an annual membership, this is paid in addition to your session fees. Our memberships secretary will discuss this with you once you have settled in.

A full list of our costs can be found here

Book your Trial Session #

You can book your trial below! When you purchase, please add the swimmers details, not yours.

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